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window is now back up.  i changed themes.  gone are the huge pictures and buggy galleries and the post slider.  in is a clean, minimalist design that is extremely easy to navigate, works uniformly on most modern browsers, and is optimized for mobile devices.*

the goal of is to help you make a needlepoint purchase decision.

with that in mind, the site features trunk show brochures, a sample catalog, and a grab bag gallery — as well as location, contact and order info. it makes extensive use of the ISSUU flip catalog.  this is embedded if viewed through a PC browser. a helper app from can be downloaded for Android or iOS phones.

as discussed earlier, the URL is public.  anyone can view this content.  in the next few days, as per earlier posts, the domain will point to it. therefore, there will be no need for needlepoint vendors and designers to adjust existing links.

as soon the domain “repoint” occurs, the blog you are now reading ( will become private, per numerous earlier posts.

to access its exclusive content and promotions — which will include .pdf brochures that feature ultra hi-def digital images of new needlepoint designs, sans moiré artifacts — you will need to get a sign-in id from WordPress and initiate an automated request via WP for an invite.

several guides on how to do so have been published in earlier posts that detail this simple process, which costs nothing and does not require you to establish a blog with WP.

i look forward to welcoming you to the Needlepoint Land club!


*Uniform functionality, excepting IE9 and below.  Opera has not been tested.


meanwhile, for those of you who missed it, here is a link to what my views (published more than a year ago) are on the subject of Internet privacy…


think I will put up a post later today that explains my new “strategy” in more detail.  stay tuned!  btw i have already received a number of requests for invites…. thank you!


Just learned a neat little CSS trick with a slide show on the Needlepoint Land store site.

Check it out here and watch Julia’s needlepoint belts seem to float effortlessly in white space!

Oh, and stay tuned for a news update later this evening!!!