Toon Boom Studio

This is a stub page for my forthcoming experiments with sophisticated cartoon animations.

I was going try to come up with some reasonably non-nerdish way to talk about these here.

However, given that my readers consist primarily of needlepoint stitchers and designers, I’ve decided it makes more sense to give the go-ahead to my technical guy to start up a second blog.  This will provide a more focused platform for this sort of thing.

Illo from Ninja Woman

Illo from Ninja Woman

I’m going to continue to come up with simple needlepoint-related cartoon ideas from time to time.  There is a happy tennis turtle, for example, waiting to tell his story!

But first, there’s that 600-page User Guide that my technical assistant has to plow through, not to mention all those YouTube tutorials.

What fun!

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016


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