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Blue Rooster

$76 7" x 7" 13m

$76 7″ x 7″ 13m

This gorgeous  Blue Rooster just came in from JP. I didn’t even have time to put it on display when a customer came and bought it!  I love that.

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Surprise visit


pic a

So there I was at Needlepoint Land putting up some Rainbow Gallery threads and saw Jackie Dillard, of Stuart Stitchery fame (avid beader and an amazing stitcher), and two of her friends, Jody Adams Rogers (a superb needlepoint teacher) and Karen Holmgren (beader extraordinaire) at my store door. We had a great time talking and catching up.

I worked at Stuart Stitchery for a couple of years when I first moved to Florida, but was a customer when I used to visit FL from CT. Jackie had an amazing store and it was always packed with needlepointers, cross stitchers, knitters and, later on, beaders. Despite the hustle and bustle of the shop, she always managed to make every customer feel welcome.

So, Jackie and friends, I hope to see you at my shop in a week or so, when I think I will be opening. I hope Jackie brings her gorgeous needlepoint backpack with her again because the pics I took were unfortunately rather blurry.

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[vimeo 100325992]

Here’s a vid taken this morning of the new sign that just went up above the front door of my store.  Country Club Plaza is a cozy little place, and I really like it here.

You can also see the restaurant next door, from where my friend Dana often brings me lunch right to the store! (They make the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches).  Usually I just walk into the Grill around 1, and Dana asks “the usual?” — I love that!

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Hello, bird



Needlepoint Land is now live on Twitter.

My handle is @Needlepointland

I’ve just hooked my new Twitter account to my blog.

Eventually, I’ll create a more comprehensive needlepoint Timeline, but, for now, I’ll keep it very basic.

A couple of thoughts before I head off to Needlepoint Land with some merchandise and a chair or two…

It’s not exactly ground breaking news that having a presence on Twitter can be extremely useful as a marketing tool. It’s also a cool way to get to know new people in the needlepoint universe.

Twitter is pretty nifty as a sort of PR Newswire service — perfect for providing links to store announcements on the blog, such as  upcoming Trunk Shows, classes, and what not.

Despite  everything else that’s going on re: getting my store up and running, I can see that little blue bird becoming a regular chatterbox one day!

I’ll just have to learn how to  become extremely terse.




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