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Baby Texan


baby texan


This is a framed Texas-themed Raymond Crawford (of “where imagination lives” fame, which kind of reminds me of another tag line 😉 ) design that my good friend Marianne brought yesterday to Needlepoint Land.

new texan 3Isn’t it lovely?

Per Marianne, she used krenik for the navy blue lettering, and the background is a darning pattern from a book called Suzy’s Darn Stitches.

The French knots are “sloppy French knots,” and she also used basketweave.

Most of the threads were already in her stash.

I think Marianne is going to send me some other pics of the piece. When I get them, I’ll update the post — as these pics were taken with my smartphone.

In the meantime, thanks Marianne for bringing your lovely canvas to the store!


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Bonsai Jade!


bonsai jade

There were 400 hundreds views of my Butterflies are Free post yesterday, yet nary a comment on whether it’s a good idea or not for the needlepoint industry to implement a more efficient way of managing canvas imagery.

Tiskus briskus.

I guess this is one idea that will just die on the vine.

Speaking of vines, I just ordered a bonsai jade plant for my store: feng shui and all that. I ordered it from 1-800-flowers, although I could have paid much less ordering one from Costco.

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China Angel



china themed needlepoint canvas

Great Wall of China – $66 18m

Here’s a 9″ x 9″ (design 5.25″ x 4.5″) 18m design  from Painted Pony, charms included.

I love these angels–they can be stitched with pattern stitches or basketweave, sparkly threads or pearl cotton, either way they look great.

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The Beaded Bug


Beads  add so much flair to a needlepoint piece.  They provide texture and pizzaz to pillows, ornaments, you name it. Now… imagine for a minute  beading an entire Volkswagen Beetle!  I’m talking about an actual car, not a needlepoint design of one. beedle This fantastic feat was accomplished by 8 artisans from two families of Huichol Indians of West Central Mexico. It took 2 years and more than 2 million beads to produce this stunning work of art. The, dare I say, “Beadle” has been exhibited at the Museo de Arte Popular in  Mexico City and other world-wide venues.

Here’s a video explaining the symbolism of some of the Huichol designs that are depicted on this amazing car.

And here’s a Flickr gallery from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian where the “Vochol” (this is the real Beetle’s name) was exhibited in 2012.


Beadle Interior


As you can see, even the interior is beaded! Now I’m left hoping that some enterprising needlepoint designer will create a needlepoint adaptation from this idea so that I can beadle away to my heart’s content!

¿Dónde está?

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Oops! Editor’s Correction


Remember that beautiful stocking that Maria stitched for Patrick?

Well, it is a Rebecca Wood design. Sometimes you just get it wrong and so now I am making it right.

Here’s that stocking again.

Maria's Awesome Xmas Stocking

Maria’s Awesome Xmas Stocking

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