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House of Blues


Here’s a little something I fished out of the finished needlepoint pile.

needlepoint stitching

I certainly wouldn’t mind living here, especially with that adorable little kitty!

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It’s a wonderful town


Artist Unknown

I’m heading up to New York in a couple of days, so I’m posting an image of this vintage canvas to mark the occasion. The canvas renders, in a stylized form, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and, of course, the World Trade Center.  It’s a beautifully simple homage to Manhattan. While there, I’ll be seeing old friends and best of all eating GREAT food in and out of the City.  As a special treat on this trip, I’m also looking forward to my “highlight” visit to the New York Botanical Garden.  I can’t wait to pay a visit to their Monet exhibit, where they have recreated the beautiful Giverny gardens, plants, and the  famous bridge.  The exhibit encourages aspiring visual artists to sketch, paint, or photograph this inspirational garden. COOL!

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Manhattan Skyline


Here’s another deconstructed / reconstructed needlepoint canvas gallery.

This time, it’s S. Gilmore’s Manhattan Skyline.

It’s not difficult to imagine a canvas, like this one, forming the basis of an interactive jigsaw puzzle game, where a child or young adult moves randomly mixed pieces around, on a tablet computer or smartphone, to create a unified needlepoint image.  Mazes made of gorgeous mandala canvases also seem like a cool idea.

Zynga, eat your heart out!

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