This stitch is worked over two canvas threads, both horizontally and vertically, forming what looks like stair steps.  After you complete the first row, you start the next in the middle of the last stitch, from the previous row.

Bring the needle up from up from under the canvas, through the hole marked (1).

Bring the needle over two canvas threads, and down at (2).

Bring the needle up at (3), and take it vertically across the shared stitch at (4).

Follow the stitch as marked on the rest of the diagram.

I know there’s an official name for this stitch, but can’t find it anywhere.  The closest I’ve come is “Stitch 82” in Dianne M. Schultz’ book, Wonderful Stitches for Needlepoint, p.84.

© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016.


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