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Whimsy and grace brochure



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Trunk widget


trunk nav widget

It took some doing, but the tech crew finally came up with a cool way to visually “navigate” (meaning find things in) trunks shows.

This mini project took precedence over just loading the trunk show images for Whimsy and grace’s beautiful canvases, because quite frankly I want the Needlepoint Land catalog site to be as innovative as possible with respect to letting viewers find things through images rather than clicking on boring textual hyperlinks or sedate sidebar category lists.

I hope you like it!

You can find this cute little widget here.

It’s been tested on all the major browsers, and will work with a smartphone too. However, I have made the decision that my catablog will not support IE9 or below. Sorry about that.

I would really appreciate it if you check it out, and see if it works for you.  I am always open to suggestions for improvement.

Anyway, now that the widget is done (for the time being), I can now finish loading the rest of the lovely Wg trunk show merchandise for your viewing pleasure. You can be sure that I will also try to display these items in my catablog in visually interesting ways!


© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

Upcoming Trunk Shows


I’ve just finalized my upcoming trunk show schedule through January 2015. Here’s the outstanding lineup that I’ve booked for the first half of the 2014/2015 season:

NPL’s 2014-15 Trunk Show Schedule
# Date Vendor/Designer
1 Oct 2014 Purple Palm Designs
2 Nov 2014 Barbara Bergsten
3 Dec 2014 Fleur de Paris
4 Jan 2015 Birds of a Feather

A word about trunk shows.

Trunk shows are really great idea because they provide an overview of a designer’s work.   They often feature classics and new work together. Customers love trunk shows because they get to see the depth of an needlepoint artist’s portfolio, not to mention enjoy the attractive discount that many shop owners usually offer.

Purple Palm Designs is a new needlepoint design shop.  This will be their inaugural trunk show.  Susan and I are two rookies together, since of course this will also be Needlepoint Land’s first ever trunk show!

Barbara Bergsten needs no introduction to the needlepoint world. Her canvases have a tropical flair, and are extremely popular.

Fleur de Paris will feature Joy Juarez and Janet Watson, as well as a sampling of other artists, including Sandra Gilmore and  dede.

Birds of a Feather is a well-known needlepoint vendor that offers canvases designed in a variety of styles, from sophisticated and elegant to simple and fun.

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