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The Zen of Needlepoint


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Where I live, needlepoint stitchers typically don’t blog.  That’s not just Florida;  I’m beginning to think the same can be said pretty much about everywhere.

But there is a niche population of stitchers out there who occasionally do so.

The question is, how to reach them.  I’d love to read their stuff out in the blogosphere.

It might be that the reason there are so few (see my blogroll, for some fine examples) is the absence of an audience (that is to say, traffic of motivational size).  Or that blogging is a lot of work, when you think about it, and that stitchers would rather be stitching in their spare time.

To my knowledge, WordPress does not release comparative numbers, only traffic flow in the aggregate (I could be wrong, but I have not seen averages broken by blog category).  So it is impossible to determine if traffic on needlepoint blogs are less or more than, say, news or cinema or art-related ones, although inferences can be made by studying viewer comments.

Now, I’m not talking about the ones who write so-called faux blogs, that is to say, blogs that are meant to drive some commercial activity, some of whose URLs are registered through proxy domain LLCs.

There are plenty of those.  (IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with press release or trunk show announcement or product update style blogs, per se, which make free use of WordPress, as a marketing tool, so long as the commercial intent is plain to the viewer.)

But the dearth of non-commercial, active needlepoint blogs is almost painful, given the overall size of the blogosphere.

Just search with the key words “needlepoint blog”, and you will see what I mean.  Not a single active blog, in the first page or two at least, of, say, Google, by anyone who is not trying to sell something.  The same situation seems to hold true when you look at that Read Blogs section in WordPress that I mentioned a few posts back, although in a less pronounced fashion.

So where is everybody?

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