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My extremely vast collection of needlepoint canvases, finished and unfinished

Long Tail Tabby

needlepoint cat

Mr. Tabby

I love cats.

Some time ago, I saw a needlepoint canvas online that I really liked but couldn’t get.

Mr. Tabby had been sold, and there were no more to had.

So I made a really crappy photocopy, and mulled over what to do next.

Then I had this bright idea.

Why not have a needlepoint artist interpret Mr. Tabby?

So I asked two talented friends of mine — whose initials both happen to be A. C. — to come up with something, but changing it around sufficiently such as to not infringe on any copyrights.

The truth is, I figured only one of them would come through, particularly since I only had this really tiny, poor quality photocopy for them to work from.

Lo and behold, both ended up making me an original version of Mr. Tabby.  What beauties!

I took pics and decided to fool around on Gimp and create a second, Op Art-ish inverted image of each canvas.

And now… without further long-winded ados… here are four fantastic interpretations of Mr. Tabby….. tada!!!

needlepoint cat

Mr Tabby 1

needlepoint cat

Mr. Tabby 1 Op Art

needlepoint cat

Mr. Tabby 2

needlepoint cat

Mr. Tabby 2 Op Art

And here they are as an animation.

Mr. Tabby as Gulliver

Mr. Tabby zooming large and small

Goes well with Alabama Song.

And here’s stunned Mr. Tabby watching.

Mr. Tabby's Eyes Rolling

Mr. Tabby’s Eyes Rolling

Auf Wiedersehen.

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

Alabama Song (Brecht / Weil), recorded by Lotte Lenya.


Love him — TYVM JULI !!!!


10″ x 10″ 18m

Meet Junior.

He just flew into Needlepoint Land today, and I immediately added him to my personal stash.

needlepoint owl


What a wonderful job, Juli.  I just love him from the tip of his beak down to his mini little feetsies.  What vibrant colors he has… and the sleepy eyes are perfection!

One look and I just know he’s going to melt many a stitcher’s heart.  I’m thinking lots of stitch teaching opportunities with this little guy.

You know how to get in touch.


Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016.

The Snowman Who Came In From the Cold


And now for a blast from the past!

So I started this Renaissance Designs canvas when I still lived up north, and kind of dropped him like a cold snowball when I moved to Florida. I really love patchwork, and there are many stitches in this snow dude, including, most especially, his cap.   Some interesting stitches worth noting:  the brim’s dimensional effect is created by cutting up pieces of cotton makeup remover, and then satin stitching the Pure and Simple thread over the cotton padding.  If memory serves me, an actual pipe cleaner is required to construct the nose (which I haven’t yet done), but that’s another story entirely.  And those sparkly stars are Fyre Werks Hologram thread, from Rainbow Gallery.

I did the bulk of the stitching in about a couple of weeks, then moved on to something else and kind of forgot about him. Mr. Patchwork is a quite the looker,  as you can see from his portrait in the Renaissance Designs catalog (top left pic), so I really must get back to work on him soon–just have to find that darn stitch guide.  The piece is on 14 mesh canvas, which, then, seemed huge, now, not so much.  Age is cruel!

I really must dig out his stitch guide, so that I can put this piece back on the to-do transom.  I know it’s around somewhere!

© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016.

The Turtles Are Coming


HP Designs

Turtle season feels early this year.

Near where I live is the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge.

This is a Federal preserve, so it’s protected from development.  I like that.  No high rises on the beach here.  And no artificial lights to confuse the little baby turtles when they hatch.

All that lives in this area are wild sea and coastal birds, osprey, eagles, crabs, snakes, and a variety of small animals you never see, who hide in the native vegetation, past the high dune mark.  This beach is where my beloved turtles come every year to dig their nests in the sand.

Let’s go see.

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Why I live Here


Thought I’d sneak in a quick whimsy post.

I like to occasionally visit a hidden-away strip of pure white sugar sand beach on the Intercoastal near where I live.

Yesterday, I was coming back from such a visit, and ran into a lady wearing a badge and carrying a small plastic bucket full of water.  It had tiny things swimming in it.  At first, I couldn’t tell what they were.  But then, I saw that each one was a perfect miniature sea-horse.  They were, in fact, baby Atlantic Lined Seahorses.

Of course they made me think immediately of two canvases I have in my stash.

Nan Hemple

Melissa Shirley Designs

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German Shepherd Rules


Barbara Russell

Just so you know that it’s not all about cats around here, I thought I would put up this beautiful Barabara Russell canvas.  Look at that facee!

Now, I don’t know who invented these, but I have a fridge magnet that lists the famous dog property laws, to which I added one.

Dog Property Laws

  1. If I like it, it’s mine.
  2. If it’s in my mouth, it’s mine.
  3. If I can take it from you, it’s mine.
  4. If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine.
  5. If it’s mine, it must never be yours.
  6. If I’m chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
  7. If it just looks like mine, it’s mine.
  8. If I saw it first, it’s mine.
  9. If you are playing with something and put it down, it’s mine.
  10. If you hide it, it’s still mine.
  11. If it used to be yours, get over it.
  12. If it’s broken, it’s yours.

© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016.