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Scrolling images now live!




Just a quick tech note.  The scrolling images which you can see in the top right header area of the Needlepoint Land flagship site  now works!  If you are using Firefox (aka the Mozilla browser), just make sure you disable Adblock Plus for that site, if you have that add-on installed.

What is really nifty about this new-ish technology is that I can now display the canvases that come in the store in a very attractive, eye-catching way, but without fear of having my designers getting ripped off by those  who download and copy hand painted needlepoint canvas images.

Win, win all around — I would say.

PS if you want to see bigger, brighter scrolling images, just let your mouse hover over the scroll area. Pretty cool, I would say!

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Blue Rooster

$76 7" x 7" 13m

$76 7″ x 7″ 13m

This gorgeous  Blue Rooster just came in from JP. I didn’t even have time to put it on display when a customer came and bought it!  I love that.

 © Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

Content Architecture




Here is how the upcoming changes are going to play out.

There is a lot of brand equity that has been built over the last 2 1/2 years in the domain name

This is currently the URL for Needlepointland LLC’s blog.

Soon, however, this domain will point to

This is an address that is currently “private.”  It is under construction at the moment, and will be open to the public soon.

There will no need to register with WordPress sign in to access this URL

The design goals of this site will be simplicity and ease-of-use.

It will contain store and order information, occasional panorama pics of the store, flippable trunk show brochures, the Destination Dallas catalog, and a consignment / grab bag catalog (with prices!).

There will be no blog content, and comment areas will be minimal.


The blog (what you are now reading) will remain at, but the domain (as described above) will no longer point to this address.  To access the blog, Needlepoint land customers will have to have sign in permission with WP (as described in prior posts) and request permission from Needlepoint Land to be invited to view the blog.

When such a request is made, Needlepoint Land will verify the email address and ask some simple questions regarding needlepoint stitching preferences.  The email address will then be added to a list that will be maintained internally at Needlepoint Land.  It will not be shared with any third party.

The content at will consist of the customary Needlepoint Land blog, as well as seasonal in-store merchandise catalog, which will be available in gallery or .pdf formats.  Prices will be available online or via pdf, unlike the case with Trunk Show brochures. will also feature special, password protected pages.  These pages will be promotional in nature, and will offer select deals on certain merchandise, as well as offers on exclusive Needlepoint Land designs. Again, these special promos will be viewable online only to those customers who have WP sign in privileges and have requested to view this URL.


That’s pretty much it.  Hope this post clarifies my online strategy, going forward.

Take away is this:  you will still be able to view Needlepoint Land content, but the blog, the in-house seasonal catalog, and the promos will be viewable by invite/sign in only.

If you have any questions, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or by leaving a comment below.


Thanks for shopping at Needlepoint Land!


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Stepping up

beedlepoint canvas

Key West style blue house


A bright and beautiful 5″ x 5″ 18m (also available on 13m) canvas just made its appearance at Needlepoint Land. This artist’s calling card is often a cat in front of a house. I would love to live in a cozy Key West style blue bungalow like this one! This canvas is a great candidate to use Anne Stradal’s needle-blending technique to create a dawn sky. The last conch house I stitched was done in Trebizond silk, but I think for this one I would use Pepper Pot Silk or Vineyard Silk, or maybe a combination of the two. I might also make the plants shinier and brighter with RG’s panache or Rayon floss.


© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

October Trunk Show brochure


From the snowy Northeast, to sunny Florida, to gorgeous Provence and the Calvados region in France, to a glimpse of  la bella Italy… here is Needlepoint Land’s sampler brochure of its October 2014 Purple Palm Designs trunk show.

To view Susanne and Ellen’s complete line, click on the cover page of the flip brochure, or simply go here.

These new canvases represent two different styles of needlepoint design that mesh together beautifully and form an impressive starter catalog from a brand new South Florida needlepoint design shop.

Hope you like the brochure I made from some of the items that Suzanne brought to the store earlier this week.  As always, any feedback re this flip gizmo, sorry, I meant to say interactive digital brochure, is most welcome and appreciated!!


Needlepoint Land  trunk show

Suzanne at Needlepoint Land


© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

Tea time



Although it’s not officially scheduled till next month, Suzanne from Purple Palm Designs is dropping by this morning with goodies for their trunk show at Needlepoint Land.

Suzanne has teamed up with talented south Florida watercolor artist, Ellen Negley, to produce a charming line of original needlepoint canvases.

In honor of her visit, here is special little mini brochure that features Tee Time (Design 1.5 x 36, Canvas 5.5 x 40, 18 m), a delightful seaside golf belt that’s aka Mulligans Allowed.

This mini brochure shows a double-page way to display needlepoint belts, which can be a problem to display attractively. You can just ignore the tech notes and go right to the demo.

Look for the Purple Palm Designs trunk show’s brochure to be released sometime in the next week or so.

South Florida needlepoint rules!

sun smiley

© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

Abstract Sun Smiley from OpenClipArt.