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Dear Diary




What a week it’s been.

First off I almost was adopted by a cat, doesn’t she have gorgeous eyes?  Then someone ran their car into the restaurant next door yesterday morning. Luckily no one was hurt. The car knocked out 3  huge windows. I got all kinds of new canvases delivered to the shop. My good friend, Maria, brought me some orchids for the store. I choose some threads for Mary Jo’s two special order canvases, ex-owner of where I used to work before I started up Needlepoint Land. And Marianne brought in two beautifully stitched canvases before having them framed.  She’s a phenomenal stitcher, and I have ordered both of the canvases for the store (although I only have room to show one of them)! I absolutely love the Christmas cocktail canvas.

With all the excitement, I could use one right now!

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Scrolling images now live!




Just a quick tech note.  The scrolling images which you can see in the top right header area of the Needlepoint Land flagship site  now works!  If you are using Firefox (aka the Mozilla browser), just make sure you disable Adblock Plus for that site, if you have that add-on installed.

What is really nifty about this new-ish technology is that I can now display the canvases that come in the store in a very attractive, eye-catching way, but without fear of having my designers getting ripped off by those  who download and copy hand painted needlepoint canvas images.

Win, win all around — I would say.

PS if you want to see bigger, brighter scrolling images, just let your mouse hover over the scroll area. Pretty cool, I would say!

© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

Weekend update


cat ad2

It’s been an increasingly busy week, as the start of the season approaches — which in Needlepoint Land’s case is Oct 15th.  That’s next Wednesday.  Yikes!

I continue to have new merchandise and various goodies delivered to the store.  I will be showing you pictures of all these new arrivals here, when I get a chance to catch my breadth.

This week I had a lighting guy come give me an estimate with how much it would cost to have track lighting put in order to highlight the canvases and threads that are hanging on the walls.  Right now the lighting atmospherics leave something to desired, and I am planning to improve that.  But I was not totally comfortable with how that went, so I am having another lighting guy come in to give me another estimate next week sometime.

Meanwhile, Needlepoint Land’s “flagship” web site is being improved with some fancy bells and whistles.  I changed the theme I was using, so now we don’t have these gigantic images like before, which works out far better.  This elegantly minimalist theme is perfectly suited for how I want to display my catalogs, and I am very a happy with how that transition went — even though I took a massive hit on the blog traffic (some of which has to do with having trouble with the WordPress free sign-in  process), nevertheless, as explained in an earlier post, I really have to start being a little smarter about certain things to improve the chances of Needlepoint Land making it to Year 2!

I asked the tech staff to add some fun things to the flagship site, such as making the parrot tilt forward slightly when a mouse hovers over him (I can’t believe what I just typed!), and creating a scrollable animation in the grey rectangle you see in the site’s header.

We are no there yet, but in addition to the fade-in, and the scaling effect, what I am looking for is a scrollable animation that will allow me to display a canvas followed by some promotional copy (such as, if you look at the cat image above:  imagine first seeing the cat, then watching it scroll automatically up so you then see the text message “New arrival!”).

This is pretty advanced stuff, and I’m proud to brag say that Needlepoint Land continues to push the envelope as far as using the latest technology to dazzle and entertain you in order to shamelessly entice you to shop with us!

Today will be a long day, as I am going this evening, after I close the store for the day, to a 2 1/2 hour accounting seminar for startups, which will be given (for free!) by the local Treasure Coast SCORE chapter.

Oh what fun!


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