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  1. hi pauline

    sometime during the coming week, needlepointland.com will “point” to the new store site. this will be a “public” site, and you dont have to have a sign-in ID to view it.

    hang on to your sign in ID with WP. you will need it eventually to access the regular blog. the blog address will be needlepointland.wordpress.com — this is what is has always been, except that I had needlepointland.com overlaying it. the blog will soon require a sign in and an invite, as described in previous posts.

    so hang on to your WP sign in ID, even tho it is one where a blog “stub” was created for you (I think you missed the post where I showed how to do the sign in only, without the blog).

    it is impossible to delete the internal URL of a blog that is assigned to you — for example, pauline.wordpress.com cannot be deleted, once established. but you do not have to use it: creating a default blog is free, so i would not worry about it. you will only need the sign in ID to access the needlepointland.wordpress.com blog next week.

    hope that is clear. if not, please refer to prior posts which include a diagram that illustrates the matter.


  2. I subscribed to WordPress.com and had to provide a password in order to submit and now have a blog account. Is there anyway to unsubscribe and start again? Need to find a way to needlepoint.com.

  3. Hi Erin, Please read your one sentence. You must mean you don’t share email address with third parties, but you typed that you do share them.
    Will try and see if I can get signed up.

  4. Thank you for contacting Needlepoint Land. I certainly hope you reconsider your decision at some point in the future. If not, happy stitching and all the best from Needlepoint Land!

  5. again…you’ve got to be kidding me! and I for one do not need the honor of reading your blog!

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