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At last, at last


The sleigh my grandparents found buried long ago in their backyard in Greenwich is back from the upholstery place.  I’ve  had a place by the front left of Needlepoint Land reserved for it for over a week now.

I had the tech crew slap some funky colored chalk paint on it, and I selected the fabric with an eye to coordinating with the house parrot.

Isn’t it grand?

Should come in handy as a hubster parking area, not to mention being a conversation piece in its own right!


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Turtle Story



Went for a walk on my beach today to inspect the damage from the tropical storm that blew by in the Bahamas earlier this week.


A lot of debris had washed ashore with the sargassum.


Some turtle nests had been compromised by the high tideline.  Luckily turtle nesting season is almost over.


So I was ready to call it a day when I came upon this little guy. He (or she!) was laying flat on his back, and wasn’t moving.


I picked him to get a closer look, when suddenly he started wiggling his little flippers, and opened his eyes.  He had obviously just hatched out, and the surf had driven him back.


I put him down on the sand, but he was too tired and confused to crawl back into the surf. Plus, tt was broad daylight.  The sandpipers and seagulls would make short work of him if I didn’t do something.

So I picked him up again, and, as gently as possible, threw him as far as I could back into the ocean.


I waited about five minutes to see if the current would bring him back.

That was the last I saw of him.

When I went back home, I googled baby sea turtles to see what kind of turtle he was.

My best guess is that the hatchling was a hawksbill turtle — a critically endangered species.

I hope he makes it.


Addendum:  I went to beach at sunrise the next day and happened to see a marine biologist in her ATV. So I briefly discussed this event with her. It turns out hawksbills have not been seen here in many years, for all the usual reasons, and that this hatchling was most likely a green turtle. Here is what the beach looked like that day. Winter must be coming early up North this year. A lot of seashore birds were flying South overhead in large groups.

sunrise august 29 2014

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Trunk widget


trunk nav widget

It took some doing, but the tech crew finally came up with a cool way to visually “navigate” (meaning find things in) trunks shows.

This mini project took precedence over just loading the trunk show images for Whimsy and grace’s beautiful canvases, because quite frankly I want the Needlepoint Land catalog site to be as innovative as possible with respect to letting viewers find things through images rather than clicking on boring textual hyperlinks or sedate sidebar category lists.

I hope you like it!

You can find this cute little widget here.

It’s been tested on all the major browsers, and will work with a smartphone too. However, I have made the decision that my catablog will not support IE9 or below. Sorry about that.

I would really appreciate it if you check it out, and see if it works for you.  I am always open to suggestions for improvement.

Anyway, now that the widget is done (for the time being), I can now finish loading the rest of the lovely Wg trunk show merchandise for your viewing pleasure. You can be sure that I will also try to display these items in my catablog in visually interesting ways!


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Stitch by stitch


Jody, who bought the Kalachakra “Wheel of Time” mandala from me a few months ago, sent me an update photo.
She’s done more stitching and it looks fabulous. I asked Jody to send pictures as this is one canvas that I also want to stitch. As you can see, Jody has completed the two inner squares of this very big canvas on 18m.

She describes it as being a very meditative process. I am vicariously stitching this canvas through Jody’s efforts. Thanks Jody for sharing the pic with me and the readers of my blog.


Jody's mandala progress

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Stitches à la Carte


News Flash!

Stitches a la Carte

Lynda Richardson of Dream House Ventures has published a book called Stitches à la Carte. Her new  book will be available at the Dallas Show, where I’ll be in less than two weeks.  In addition to purchasing new canvases for the upcoming season, I hope to bring back signed copies of Lynda’s book to showcase at my store.

We’ve talked extensively about some of the stories in her book and I cannot wait to read it. It contains lots of  charts for background stitches and details her needlepoint adventures over the years. It also contains charming tidbits about her colorful relatives, as well as stories about the women who have influenced her life and career.


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New stuff!


Needlepoint bookmarksCheck out the new arrivals at my catablog site.  Very nicely done canvases, I must say.

Meanwhile, the tireless tech crew have come up with a custom gizmo that lets viewers easily navigate through a selection of canvases, without taking up a lot of screen space.   You can easily see the item number, and a thumbnail image of each canvas. If you click on that, it expands to a bigger image of the canvas you are looking at, so  you can take a closer look.  What’s neat about this little canvas viewer is that it works equally well on smartphones as well as PCs, which was a nifty trick.

Nothing like a handmade web site for a needlepoint site!  It’s all so very.. artisanal.  Don’t you think?

You can check it out here.

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