F-stop, go, stop


Here are some pics taken at Needlepoint Land earlier today.

All the pics were taken under fluorescent lights, except the outdoor one (duh!).

I experimented with various settings, including WB set to different values, and various F-stop and shutter speed settings. Results were decidedly mixed.

I think the best setting for taking snaps of painted needlepoint canvas is really sunlight, on a clear day, but that has been a problem this week — rain, rain, rain. Still, come Fall, I should be able to take some really good outdoor pics of the trunk shows coming in.

I shall continue my “newbie” experiments with the camera:  you know, it’s not until you want to produce a consistent catalog indoors of needlepoint belts that you get a clue as to how tricky setting your digital cam under artificial light can be. It’s possible, I just don’t know the trick yet — I mean, look at the incredible resolution of an indoor pic like this.

Anyway, new canvases came in yesterday that you might enjoy taking a peek at — despite some of the funkiness of the pic color values.

Oh, and yesterday’s CC action batched out just fine overnight on the Perkwave terminal.

That’s certainly a relief!

[Sorry: the Le Chef Angel just sold out.  It’s on reorder.]

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