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Here’s a vid taken this morning of the new sign that just went up above the front door of my store.  Country Club Plaza is a cozy little place, and I really like it here.

You can also see the restaurant next door, from where my friend Dana often brings me lunch right to the store! (They make the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches).  Usually I just walk into the Grill around 1, and Dana asks “the usual?” — I love that!

Below is a gallery of pics taken today inside the store — I know, somewhat chaotic still. I reckon I’m about a week to 10 days before actually opening the doors to the public. However, I’m going to activate credit card processing for phone orders much soon than that!

As you can see, I had to do a bunch of custom shelving.  I don’t know if I will stain these or not (probably not, just sand them down), as there are many other priorities at the moment.

You can also see the custom trellis I put up to semi–block out the view of the restaurant patrons next door.  This also makes for great display space, while still letting in light.  I’m most likely going to put some sort of butcher block paper between each set of two back-to-back canvas — this way I have in store display space, but also something for the restaurant patrons to look at (many needlepoint stitchers come to this restaurant in-season.)

You can also see the spinner display units (on the floor) that were just delivered. These will be used for my Vineyard Silk inventory.

Last but not least is the custom-platformed swiveling display towers, which I’m using to hang Neon Rays + threads (from Rainbow Gallery) — these actually glow in the dark!

Gotta run. Enjoy the show.


© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016


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  1. The handsome sign ” Says It All “.
    A terrific idea for the trellis to display on both sides!

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