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1 + 2 = Beautiful needlepoint


Here are 2 beautiful custom canvases, and a finished Christmas ornament, that just arrived at Needlepoint Land.

Red roof ornament

I just loooove the stitching my customer did on this Xmas ornament. And the tassel, cording and bead are great finishing additions!

The needlepoint  canvases you see below were created by an extremely talented needlepoint artist whom I have known for quite a while.

The first is a college crest that one of my customers from “up north” (as we say in Fla) wants to stitch, and have made into a pillow, for her granddaughter. I hope she will be very pleased when this arrives in her mailbox. Beautifully done!

The second is a gorgeous Halloween witch. I just love her! I see  her standing stand tall one day (14.25″ x 8.25″ 13m), and weighted with lots of embellishments.



Rah rah!




This Halloween witch is actually a one-of-a-kind item.

Needlepoint Halloween witch


It’s a brand new original design that I commissioned, and I’m the only one who has it! I’m going to call her Endora, after Agnes Moorehead from Bewitched.


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The Belts are coming


Beach Belt 4

I just talked to Niko.

Next week I’ll be receiving about 80 belts from Julia’s Needleworks. Yay!

There will be an assortment of varying themes. Among them: golf, tennis, geometrics, tropical and, I am sure, some nice surprises.

Don’t tell anyone, but as a special promotion, I’ll take 10 per cent off, if you say “Niko sent me!”

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The thing is said….



Remember Miles Drentell (David Clennon) in Thirtysomething?

I still recall one of his lines in that once era-defining show:  The thing is said, the thing is done.

Here’s something from an email I just received:

Dear Merchant, We are pleased to inform you that your new Merchant Account has been established.

Credit card terminal on its way.

Any day now!


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Here comes the sun




Encouraging developments yesterday in Needlepoint Land.

After consulting with my good friend Jeff from Amazon (who’s now really into phones these days) I finally figured out how to retrieve my voicemails from my Galaxy 5. It turns out that George the installer was leaving me messages all along!

He is coming by the store today with the pedestal for the second thread tower.

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Water Works

Cutout of NPL's electricity bill statement

Cutout of NPL’s electricity bill statement

Okay here we are at midweek, early on Wednesday.

I’ll just jot down a few to dos that have to be accomplished over the balance of the week:

swivel chair1. The office door situation has to be resolved.  More on that delightful saga in a future post.

2. Second custom platform is needed for the second thread tower. Have to find out what’s up with George the installer as I have not heard from him in a few days. [Note: Pedestals being installed tomorrow; custom shelf/rod canvas display units may be ready by Sat.]

3. Still haven’t ordered the cork board for the wall area behind the counter.

4, Need to keep tabs on why AT&T is finding it so difficult to use the correct billing address for my smartphone.  This will be the subject of yet another amusing but head scratching post in the near future.

5, The tech team needs to stop playing useless computer games and get motivated enough to finish assembling the desk, not to mention putting together the swivel chair and file cabinet.

file cabinetBut the first thing I have to do this morning is digitize my water bill and send it as an attachment to the credit card processor. [update:  sent out electric bill instead.]

This may complete the application process.

Normally they would want a copy of the Business License I need to operate the premises on an open-to-the-public basis, but with all these various delays, the fire marshal has yet to set foot in Needlepoint Land.

Apparently a utility bill will do, though.

I wouldn’t bet the house on a credit card terminal arriving before July 4th.

After all, it does say somewhere in the fine print of the 800 page application process (which cost me $22 at Office Depot to fax back to them) that the underwriter may have “additional questions.”

Maybe they want to know what size clothes I wear next.

Well, that’s it for now.

No time to watch the grass grow, although I do tremendously enjoy writing these often snarky little posts.

In fact, they are part of what makes this jumping through these enough-already hoops so tremendously worthwhile!


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