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Panel Discussion


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Needlepoint Land is  starting to look more and more like an honest-to-goodness store.

George, my incredibly talented installer, put up the two pegboards, three Homesote PINnacle boards, and the slatwall panel.

He’s also going to quote by Monday on building a custom L-shaped checkout counter for me!

You may remember that my friend Lynda recommended George. Linda stopped by the shop today for the first time. There’s a nice picture of the two of them in the gallery above.

In addition to being a terrific stitcher, Lynda has a real eye for store design.

For example, she had a great idea for the large window on the right front of the store which I think will look terrific. Right now, patrons at the restaurant next door can look in through the glass window in the front part of the store.  I think a little privacy is in order!!!

Linda and Erin

Linda and Erin

I had considered some sort of room divider or bamboo curtain to create an aesthetic distance between the restaurant and Needlepoint Land, but Lynda came up with the idea of a wooden garden trellis.

She thought it would look great attached to the window frame and that I would still get light and could hang canvases off of it. George would of course be the go-to guy to install it.

I also mentioned to Lynda that I was considering having a wooden table where customers could sit and stitch in my shop. She loved the idea, and suggested a great furniture consignment place not far from here, but having a glass one instead.

It’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

So I am happy to report that things are falling into place. Step by step, slowly I turn to getting closer to scheduling the dreaded Fire Marshall’s visit.

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El Cube

The 12-Cube bookscase is now fully assembled.

I’ve placed it roughly  in the middle of the store’s 42′ wall R.  To the right of it I’ll now add 2 Homesote 8′ x 4′ tackboards, and to the left, an 8′ x 4′ slatwall panel, and another Homesote.

I’ve determined that all my big wall fixtures will be exactly 23″ down from the 9′ ceiling, so that the store looks pleasingly symmetrical when you walk in, and, more importantly,  I can reach everything without having to take an elevator.

There will also be enough space to create additional display area (shelves, etc) above these panel fixtures, but that will come later on.  First the big stuff has to be put together.

The guy who assembled The Cube was called Wayne. He said many new store owners try to assemble these units themselves but often fail.  So he gets to come in, but now everything that was numbered and packaged neatly is all over the place and it takes him longer to put it all together.

Wayne had 4 stitches on his nose from a recent surfboard accident.  He’s originally from New York State.  Small world. He was born across the Hudson, not that far from where I grew up, likes surfing and snowboarding, but lives in Florida and does in-store assembly for Office Depot on a contracting basis — when not in the Emergency Room getting his nose patched up.

I’m glad Wayne put this together.  It took him 2 hours+, and he does this all the time.  Tools that I do not have were needed to finish the job.  Worth the 60 bucks; one more thing off the checklist that I don’t have to worry about.

Later today, the Homesote panels, pegboards and slatwall panels are all going up.  George is coming by in the morning to start the job.  It was supposed to happen yesterday, but there was a delay due to a shoulder problem on his end.  Hope all heals up nicely and that work can commence today.

One positive about the slight delay is that it allowed my “tech team” to finish painting all the Homesote panels white, despite the intermittent rain.

Still much to do, but progress is continuing, relentlessly.

Got a major traffic boost yesterday, due to being referenced by Chilly Hollow (thanks Jane!) with respect to the Pinterest debate.

I love the clicks, but am deeply hurt that no one complimented me on the shivering gif I lovingly put together for that What About Me post.


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Channel Surfing


eCommerce Logo

Yesterday was a fairly hectic day. This is now becoming something of a routine in sleepy old Stuart, Fla.

A lot of what I did involved running around to City Hall getting the right forms filled out in order to get a business license that will allow Needlepoint Land to officially open its doors.

So this involved visits to the Stuart Growth Management Office, the Martin County Tax Department, and calls to the State Department of Taxation. This is the bureaucratic but necessary part of setting up.

I bought a fire extinguisher from Home Depot, but will not be able to have the Fire Marshall come in to inspect the place until most of the fixture and furnishings are in place, and the merchandise set up.

This means the display panels (I have three types) have to be mounted, the thread spinner racks set up on the floor, the counter / register installed, and the window displays all put together.  This all has to accomplished during the next  2 – 3 weeks, in order for Needlepoint Land to obtained a required certificate prior to the July 1st soft launch.

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180 Large


12 Cube Bookcase

Well the painted panel that I will use to pin canvases on turned out beautifully.  All three will be done by Friday. This one is drying out in the back office.

Also paid a visit to City Hall, and I mean paid.  Can you believe they’re going to charge me 180 dollars  for a business permit. Actually the Fire Marshall is getting $150 of that sum. I guess someone’s gotta pay for all that good overtime the Stuart FD is notorious famous for!

On top of that, I have to purchase a fire extinguisher before the big Fire Marshall inspection. Wouldn’t want the FM to have to make two trips to the store. That could be very costly. Talk about getting hot under the collar.

UPDATE:  the 12-Cube Bookcase (which replaces the cabinet I was going to chalk paint but decided against it) arrived this afternoon. Office Depot is sending someone to put it together on Friday.

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Watching paint dry


Paint and Roller

Another busy busy day today at Needlepoint Land.

This morning, I have to paint the Homasote PINnacle tackboard panels (actually someone is going to do that for me, while I go to city hall to obtain a permit to open the store).

There are 3 of these panels, and they are 4′ x 8′ each.

I’m pretty sure the panels are going to suck up a lot of paint, so I’m buying a gallon of white primer+latex mix and some little pyramids at Lowe’s to rest the panels on while they are being painted and keep them off the gravel and grass in the back outside.  Hope it doesn’t rain!

Also on the agenda today is the start of something I am not going to talk about at any length until it’s all ready to be unveiled  It involves Needlepoint Land’s online presence.  I really look forward to making an official announcement about that fairly soon.

My “tech staff” is doing a lot of very exciting technical shopping cart testing and automated catalog importing with my online channel partner. I can’t wait till I have to start integration testing of my credit card gateway with my back office accounting system.

Truly never a dull moment around here.

Later, gators!


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