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Fishy business


The Little Blue Heron (Egretra caerulea) is an unusually quiet bird.

Here’s one being fed at Twin Rivers Park in a section of Port Salerno known as Rocky Point.  The vid was taken on the boardwalk that you see top right in this aerial view.

And here’s a vid, taken in the same location, of a White Heron eating a piece of bait fed to him by a fisherman who was done for the day.

At first I thought it was a lesser Egret, also known as a yellow-billed Egret, but I would venture, after looking more closely, that it’s actually a Great Egret.

I added a snippet of Kamal’s Ripples to the audio track for dramatic effect.

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016


Perfectly Polar

needlepoint penguin


I received this in the mail yesterday. It seems à-propos to post it today, given that the temps are in the upper 50s here in South Florida.  All the locals are walking around in Uggs, wool hats, layered clothing and down parkas.

Me — I’ve got my lined Zamalek Beer hoodie on.

This will be a wedding gift for a couple that loves penguins. Their initials will be stitched on the left and right side hearts with an ampersand in the middle.

A heart-warming canvas for a cold day!

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

The Sea of Tranquility


The ocean was much calmer this morning at the wildlife refuge.  No-one around but a lone fisherman and some birds.

Took some snaps.  You can see Ozzie the Osprey flying in the distance, top left pic.

And here’s Ozzie’s new friend, a white egret.  I’ve never seen one on the beach before.

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

The Genius of the Macabre

raven needlepoint canvas

Red Wine Nevermore

The Raven is a classic B movie by Roger Corman, but there’s nothing but A-List written all over this needlepoint design.

It’s on 18 mesh canvas, and is 5″ x 6.25″.

In addition to the red wine Nevermore canvas, there is also a martini version.  Between me and you and the NSA,  I have known a few people (no stitchers of course!) who just drop the “N” entirely, whether it’s shaken or stirred, or by the barrel.

Btw, I worked for many years not far from the house where Poe wrote his famous poem.  As they used to say in the Big Apple, that and 10 cents will buy you a cuppa caw-fee.

Edgar Allen Poe Street NYC

84th St Street Sign in Manhattan’s UWS, from Ephemeral New York

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

Snoopy from the Land of Down Under

needlepoint snoopy

Snoopy’s Tennis Lesson

I’ve made a miraculous recovery, after being laid up in traction yesterday from walking oodles of miles on the beach last week.

Glad Pete Carroll’s team won last night, btw (as some of you know from this post, I’m a semi-rabid American “footie” fan) … he was never given a proper chance to guide the Jetsonians.  Plus this manic Jim Harbaugh character always acts like he skipped his morning Zyprexa on game day.  What a headcase!

Anyway,  I’m off to play tennis this morning.

retro tennis racket

Woodie, at rest

I’m going to have to part with this fabulous wooden tennis racket, which I used recently as a prop on my blog, and return it to the tennis pro who usually lets me win a couple of games.  And, no, it’s not Fedberg.

Needlepoint tennis racket covers were big in the 70’s, and occasionally you will see them available on those auction web sites.  Now with squash rackets so big, perhaps you could house your squash racket in an old needlepoint cover.  People are big in Florida on stitching needlepoint socks for their golf clubs.  Don’t mind me:  I’m just free-associating at the comp, as I have my morning coffee before leaving!

Perfect tennis weather this morning:  brilliant sunshine in a cloudless sky; high 60s to low 70s — which is what draws the snowbies this time of year.  It’s like money in the bank.

Despite the pleasant weather, though, I seem to be  having be having strange and unusual Frank Dancevic-type Snoopy hallucinations.

Is it the subtropical latitude, or I am just obsessed with needlepoint stitching?!

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016

No Pets on the Beach


As you may have noticed, I’ve kind of been OD-ing on pics of the beach lately. Well, now I’m in traction from walking 20 miles in the dunes over the last two days.

So we might as well transition back to needlepoint pics, but before going there I have to tell you one of my pet peeves is when people ignore a large No Pets sign that’s displayed kind of PROMINENTLY on the beach I go to most often.

No Pets Allowed

Why do people do this.?  Oh I know.  They’re special.  Not just their pets.  Them. Personally.  Special. The nesting birds hate this.  It is very disruptive. But people bring Fluffy along all the same, and it’s always when the wildlife official has a day off.

Moving on from the zone of bad vibes, this Cat in the Basket is a little cross stitch I did a while back. It was a breeze to stitch and took maybe an hour. I think I was attracted to it because of the very cool mat that came with the whole deal-e-o.

Cat in a Basket

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016