I’m sorry, so sorry


Illo by 123rf

I misunderstood.

I was so insensitive.

I took it the wrong way.

I’m so sorry.

Will you forgive me?

Let me explain.

This weekend, I started kvetching about not getting that many comments on my blog.  Which is another way of saying not getting any comments.  And no Likes either.  No shares.  Nothing.

I thought it was because you were arrogant.

That you didn’t care about how hard I worked at this.

That all you wanted is for me to just keeping giving it away for free and expect nothing in return, not even one measly comment.

Then today, I saw the light.

I read this piece on the Internet, and I realized that I wasn’t alone.

That I wasn’t the only Internet blog slave out there who didn’t get her props.

Now I understand why.

It dawned on me about halfway through the 600-plus comments the NY Times article received.

You don’t comment because you respect me too much to provide free content to my WordPress digital overlords.

It’s not just a statement of sisterhood solidarity.  It’s one of complete and awesome artistic integrity on your part.  And maybe even of compassion, especially if you once were an Internet blog slave yourself.


I sat glued to my chair all day and watched the Feedjit Live Traffic window, and saw alll of you coming in from everywhere, the South, the West, the Midwest, the Northeast, and, yes, even overseas, literally hundreds of you, and tears of joy starting flowing down my mascara-streaked cheeks.

I realized, at long last, that my life has some meaning, after all, and that you really do have plenty to say to me, and would, if not for my digital overlords.

Thank you.


Maybe I should do the same.

Maybe I should never write another post.

You know, pull the silent routine bit for a while, maybe forever.  I used to be good at that with my father.

Until… until…  I lost it on the Internet.

And now I just can’t stop.

There is one thing, though.

Upper West Side t-shirt

Erin’s wrinkled UWS tee

I was really happy and all to get all the page views, even though it’s my WP digital overlords who are making all the big bucks with the ads you see on my site, and I don’t mean to sound like an obsessive, spoiled, ungrateful Upper West Sider, but how come no one came to visit from Manhattan?

Is it.. is it something I said?

Never mind.

What an existence.

Erin McGrath and Needlepointland.com, 2012 – 2016


About Erin

Owner of Needlepoint Land, LLC. Professional in the field for more than 15 years, during which I have managed and/or worked with various high-end needlepoint shops. I enjoy teaching both beginners and advanced stitchers, and have created numerous stitch guides, with speciality thread selections, for in-store customers and private clients. I maintain contact with an extensive network of needlepoint vendors, custom artists, and, most importantly, reliable, high-quality finishers. I look forward to hearing your comments on my blog!

2 responses »

  1. Hi Jane. Yes RSS eyeballs aren’t counted by WP in their view stats. To quote my digital overlords on the subject:

    “Feed Statistics

    Someone reading your posts via a feed will not count towards your blog statistics. However, you still can view the number of syndicated views on each of your blog posts.”

  2. No, the Manhattanites are visiting you via their RSS readers (they are WAY too busy running to Barneys to actually bookmark your site), and I’ve always suspected those views don’t register.
    Jane, waving from CH which isn’t anywhere near The City

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