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Rasta Turtle


Jonathan Puckey / Jurg Lehni

Meet the Rasta Turtle.

I am always interested in innovative, creative developments in the world of graphics design. Jonathan Puckey is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, who, among other things, developed in 2008 a technology that produces visually compelling images.

Here, for example, is his rasterized take on a turtle which also makes use of color averaging by Jurg Lehni. As a stitcher, my first instinct is to wonder if such a triangulated image could form the basis of a sophisticated needlepoint design.  To me, Mr. Rasta reminds me of Swarovski crystal which is definitely appealing.  I can see this guy with lots of pattern stitches, using overdyed metallics and shiny threads.


Joan Miró, Tortuga

Of course needlepoint has always been influenced by artists such as Joan Miró, whose 1901 Tortuga sketch is interesting in terms of the possibilities it offers for pattern stitching.  An example of this would be the Miro-inspired “tartle” that can been viewed at Lani’s Needlepoint.

The question is, can modern developments in the world of computer graphics open up a whole new creative design palette in the world of needlepoint stitching?

If Puckey’s Rasta Turtle is any indication, I would say a definite…. maybe. 😉  For even if the Rasta Turtle, per se, is unsuitable as the basis for a needlepoint design, the question as to why not would be a discussion that I, for one, would find stimulating.

So…. what do you think?

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016.


The Stitch-O-Meter


Oh, hello out there in Needlepoint Land.

I’ve always enjoyed the Honeymooners Chef of the Future episode, one of the true classic skits of early television — except for Norton’s line at the end about Trixie. Well, it was a different time, and all that, I suppose.

Anyway I was thinking, recently, boy, I wish someone would invent a needle “utensil,” one that would do more than just stitch.

For example, maybe it could automatically count stitches for me, like a pedometer. But wait, wouldn’t it be nice if it could ALSO give me a workout?

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Perfect match



Absolutely love this match striker from Tender Buttons, a curio novelty shop in Manhattan.  Saw it in the current issue of IN New York magazine.

It would make a trendy embellishment for a Halloween, celestial or night-time canvas. Tender Buttons is a nifty place to pick up unusual or antique buttons to spruce up a needlepoint design; I think I’ll drop in next month during my annual NYC visit.

Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016.