Monthly Archives: April 2013



Sorry for the long silence, fans, but the thing is I’ve been holding down three jobs, while going to night school for video editing. 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d take time out from my incredibly busy schedule to show you what’s now in the pipeline.

Here goes.

The finished monkey purse, the NY Mets belt, the vivid Mary Engelbreit-inspired floral pillow AND three Raymond Crawford canvases arrived recently in the mail, all on the same day — it was a virtual needlepoint fiesta. The stitched pieces are well-executed by three talented needle artists.

I love the Japanese lanterns that Ray designs.  In fact, I own several.

For a dyed-in-the-yarn Manhattanite, what could be better than a New York pastiche design? (Ray promises a stitch guide is coming soon.)

Finally, the Eagle Scout canvas is a gift for two young men. Congratulations, Scouts!

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