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fashionable edgy stylish needlepoint

Into stylish, edgy, practical, thoughtful, totally awesome needlepoint, that’s just a little off the beaten track?

The one on the left is from Tokyo Fashion.

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Link Comments
1. Sketch 42 DIY belt adventure
2. Fashionista I simply must have those cool cat flats!
3. the Purl bee DIY iPhone cases
4. Awesome Sauce DIY vintage clutch bag
5. Janet’s House Turning kids’ drawings into needlepoint
6. Dreaming in Stitches Couching, opus anglicanum style
7. Jenny Henry Designs Fabulous custom design work
8. My Green Vermont A reasoned decision to opt for quality

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  1. I think they outpriced my budget there Susan–a Fendi buckle, some threads and penelope canvas, a grand? But I do love the box!

  2. Great links–Thanks! Will you post your Fendi finish in the future? 😉 The kits are sold out at NM.

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