Mary Antrim, Mary Antrim


Stitched by Erin

So I was browsing through the Gothamist to keep up with recent news in the Big Apple and came upon this.

$1.07 million for a canvas by a schoolgirl.  Okay, so she stitched it as a sampler two centuries ago, but still.

A thousand large, as they say in Jersey.

Frankly, I was blown away.  Forget the canvas.  Just think of all those lovely zeroes.

And what impressed me, most of all, was that Nice Man dealer priming the pump with all this business about how it stands out as a unique folk art statement.


It totally does.

Got me thinking, though.

Why, I’ve got a piece right here:   It’s charmingly folkoric, it’s old (I think it may be one of my pieces from the turn of the century), it’s watermarked, and it’s available!

But only for that special sap, I mean person, who feels he or she must grossly overpay for an embroidered canvas that almost anyone who reads this blog can stitch in under a week.

And the beauty of it all is that you can have it at the reduced price of only $100,000 + shipping.

Offer only good till Sunday.

Additional stitcher prep charges may apply…

And the best part is, if it’s gone by the time you call, don’t worry:  there’s tons more in my dusty attic where that came from.

Think I’ll call that dealer fellow now, pronto.

ps.  Demi Lune sold separately, if I can find one quick at the flea market, er, the local On Consignment outfit.

© Erin McGrath and, 2012 – 2016.


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