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Yesterday, Needlepoint Land equalled its own record for the top number of page views in a single day.  The blog site recorded well over a hundred page views.  Judging by the declining number of hits in the About section, it is likely that there is large percentage of repeat visitors.

To give our user base some idea as to the preferences of the site’s visitors, we studied the Stats provided by WordPress.  About 15 per cent of the traffic went to Dancing Pencils,a one-off embedded Youtube video that has nothing to do with needlepoint.

The rest was evenly divided between looking at galleries, and reading the relatively shorter posts.  Posts with provocative titles enjoyed more traffic.  Only 3 per cent of the traffic went to the prestige Features section.  The satirical posts did particularly well.

It also appears that, unlike traffic in other blogs on WP, Needlepoint Land visitors are noticeably reticent.  Many other blogs on WP (we are of course excluding the para-advertorial needlepoint “presences”) rely on publishing large original images, with limited textual context.

Nevertheless, these receive impressive amounts of commentary (around 60 – 200 comments, per post).  This is particularly true of blogs that appear in the Fresh Pressed section.

By comparison, Needlepoint Land visitors left almost no comments.

A theory was advanced by the technical staff at Needlepoint Land that needlepoint enthusiasts are by nature taciturn.  This was partially supported by a cross-comparison with other needlepoint blogs.  While some of these tended to be chattier (than NPL), they also receive comments on a significantly more limited scale than the Fresh Press blogs in WP, which are all non-needlepoint related.

The marketing department complained that the content of the posts at Needlepoint Land was overly focused on delivering archly ironic content, thus leading to it being perceived as possibly elitist.  However, it is the view of the editorial staff that personal matters are to be discussed at a minimum, since Needlepoint Land is currently an outward-looking blog, as opposed to an electronic diary.  Privacy issues also come into play.

Some short term decisions were taken.

To galvanize the Needlepoint Land user base into action, the comments facility will be turned off for one day, then reinstated.

It was also decided to announce all further page view counts in binary notation, in order to impress potential future investors.

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