Have a seat

Sometimes it’s not all about a cool framed canvas, or a cute figurine.  Sometimes it’s all about the furniture.  Here’s some sneak teaser pics at two chairs (they’re actually minis), that I’ll show and discuss in more detail later.   Gotta run, but will respond to that nice comment from a new visitor from the UK, first thing upon my return.  I’m in a rush, so I’ll put the pics up quick and dirty, and get to them later.


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About Erin

Owner of Needlepoint Land, LLC. Professional in the field for more than 15 years, during which I have managed and/or worked with various high-end needlepoint shops. I enjoy teaching both beginners and advanced stitchers, and have created numerous stitch guides, with speciality thread selections, for in-store customers and private clients. I maintain contact with an extensive network of needlepoint vendors, custom artists, and, most importantly, reliable, high-quality finishers. I look forward to hearing your comments on my blog!

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